LDN Gaymers is a non-profit LGBT+ group dedicated to bringing LGBT+ geeks and gamers together in London.

We want to create a fun and safe environment for all gaymers to get together, play games and create new friendships. LDN Gaymers puts on a wide range of activities to make this happen, such as our monthly gaming meet-up, with the latest consoles and retro classics. We also host cinema trips, our own pop-up geek cinema, and active days out including laser tag, escape rooms and archery.

Living in London, people can find it really hard to make friendships – especially as someone from the LGBT+ community – and the scene can appear intimidating. Equally, online gaming can be quite homophobic at times, so it can be hard to find like-minded people to play with.

Our aim is to tackle this head on and bring back that sense of community to gaming. We want all our members to play and have as much fun as possible, making it easier (with our events) to find new gaymer friends to play with.

LDN Gaymers: putting the heart back into gayming in London.

LDN Gaymers


LDN Gaymers Admin Team


Your Admin team is a disparate bunch of games-playing and lightsaber toting lads from across the spectrum. Think of us as being akin to the Nazgûl. Except there are four of us. And we are eminently more powerful. Now, as Uncle Ben said, “With great power comes great responsibility”, so we have a duty to get things done for you beautiful people – mind, body and soul. No matter what they say, remember that words can’t bring you down.

When you need help, we are there. When you need geek, we are there. When you need Nutella, there is Tesco – but we will go with you. Whatever you need, give us a shout and we will be ready to fight your corner like Ryu facing off Zangief. I mean, who goes Zangief anyway?! Hadoken!!!

Nazgul with Nutella


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